Saturday, November 2, 2013

Freedom, Freedom is never Free

Freedom is never Free. 
It is the one thing that protects 
And gives all the right to vote. 
The right to pick the ones who lead. 
Never take that right lightly. 
Seek guidance from the Lord above for the choice is your's to make.
Never let anyone belittle that vote you cast, 
For that vote has been insured by those who died for that right in the past. 
Be it right or wrong in another's point of view, 
Because that vote belongs to you. 
That vote is what makes and keeps all of us Free, 
For without Freedom, that right would no longer be. 
Many have given all to give all that right. 
When we vote, this Nation tells the World, 
We are Free, under God, and we intend to keep it that way. 
World, take a look back into our History today, 
And see all who gave all to keep us Free yesterday. 
Our Flag waves, as a symbol of Freedom, 
To remind all Freedom is never Free. 
This Nation is not perfect and will never be, 
Until the Lord returns to take all believers Home. 
But the ones who gave all, 
Gave all, that you and I would have that right to vote, 
And keep it Free. 
Remember them on Veterans Day and everyday. 

Lord, we pray for those who serve and remember those who served, 
And ask You to bless the families of those who gave all that all would be Free today, 
Martin Lee Vance 


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