Thursday, June 8, 2017



      Fear is a Self-Imposed prison. 
      You are the jailer, the prisoner, 
And also the keeper of the Key to freedom. 
You are the only one who can build fear within, 
From what you see and hear, 
That you feel and believe as true. 
 Never let anyone or anything, no matter who,  
Build the feelings of fear within you for anyone or anything, 
From what they feel and believe and pass on to you, 
God created all in Love. 
Remember, do not run with or follow the crowd,  
You'll only get lost in fear yourself.

Lord, open my eyes to see as you see, 
And my heart as you feel to bring healing to the Lost.
Martin Lee Vance

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grace and Truth

Grace and Truth

By God’s Grace and Truth, I in Christ! 
It is not what I say I am, 
That makes others want that which lives in me, 
To guide and build their lives as mine, 
But what they see that lives in me, 
By my actions, words, and deeds that come forth from me, 
That brings them, by their repentance of sin, to live as One in Christ, 
Sealed forever for Him by God's loving Grace. 
Hate the sin but love the sinner. 
If Christians model Christlike behavior, 
Their lives will reflect both grace and truth. 
Christ is full of grace and truth, John 1:14, 
And we should be as He for we follow Him, 
For Grace is the cornerstone of Salvation, 
And Truth the Word of God that guides and builds all life in Christ. 
If truth is conveyed without grace, it leads to self-righteousness, 
And makes one appear negatively harsh and condescending, 
But, on the other hand, grace without truth breeds deception and moral compromise, 
And makes one appear worthless and shallow, 
As you, allow them to remain in their sins, for fear of offending. 
Both extremes are ineffectual 
And will build neither you nor them in Grace and Truth as Christ. 
Build and balance your life in Christ within God's Love for us, 
And become one in Him. 

Lord, build, guide, and teach me as I follow You, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Abortion - Who or Whom are the Heartless?

Who or whom are the Heartless?
God has given to every human, free will, the right of freedom of choice. 
He has created all different physically and mentally, 
But has given all free will, the right of choice. 
God said He knew us before our mother's womb. 
As Americans, we have the right of certain freedoms as written in
 And protected by various laws and the Constitution. 
With protection given to all by Federal, State, and Local,
 Law Enforcement and Judicial Courts. 
To protect or render justice for the changing
 Or the taking of those freedoms of choice of life or property. 
Many find mental and physical relief and happiness
 In many different forms of freedom of choice. 
No one has the right to allow the form of freedom of choice, 
They choose to consume, inhale, or take part in, 
To change another mentally or physically. 
That it takes away or changes their God given right of freedom of choice. 
Especially the unborn! 
The Gift of Life from God to carry on Freedom of Choice given by Him. 
Who or whom are the Heartless? 

Lord, change our hearts, 
Martin Lee Vance 
June 27, 2006

"Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless."
Quote from Strength to Love, Martin Luther King, JR, 1963. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Believers in Christ, 
One little word, help, is so unbelievably freeing and rewarding, 
When asked in faithful prayer of God. 
Run the race of life, 
Keep the faith; always do what is pleasing in God's sight, 
Not out of fear for God is pure Love. 
God knows we will stumble from time to time, 
For all have and will, 
Acknowledge the sin and make things right in prayer through Christ with God. 
Do your very best, reach out to help and encourage others, 
Bring the joy of Christ into the lives of all you meet and greet and brighten their day. 
Always, make and take the time to help and inspire the young to build their life in Christ. 
Remember, God knows us, better than we will ever know ourselves, 
For when you walk by repentance of sin with Him 
Your heart within knows His Son, Jesus Christ, 
And beats as one with Him. 
Christ paid the price in Love for us, 
Pass on that love sealed by God's loving Grace, 
Acknowledge Him before man and He will acknowledge you before God. 
Many followers wrapped within self and non-believers of Christ look back on their life, 
From time to time, 
Upon the many times, that they have cried out to God for help, 
And see only the fear that surrounded and engulfed their past, 
Choices made for and around self that built that fear that became part of their life and past, 
And they ask where was God when I prayed for help, I did ask, 
For He hears them not when He sees the heart wrapped within faith of self. 
One little word, help, is so unbelievably freeing and rewarding, 
When asked in faithful prayer of God.

Lord, keep me humble, and build my faith stronger each day, 
Thank You for looking after me, 
Martin Lee Vance  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

God's Love

God's Love

 God's love has no ending, and it will never grow tired or weary, 
As He waits for you to make the choice, by one's free will, 
To seek by faith and receive in belief, Salvations Completion, 
His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior, as written within His Holy Word. 
Remember, He only waits until that moment just before life ends 
And deaths eternity begins as written within and certified by His Word. 
The Bible is full of God's Word of encouragement and guidance, 
Wrapped complete from beginning to end in God's love for you and me, 
That love reaches from before times beginning to beyond eternities ending, 
And ties together as one in Him, all that follow, throughout God's history, 
That forever makes and keeps God's family complete and together. 
God's History is not a secret, 
For if you read to seek you will find, the eyes will then be open in faith 
And through belief repent of all sins revealed and hidden within, 
And leave them at the Cross, the price Christ paid in full that day on Mount Calvary, 
For all sins for all forgiven, forgotten, forever, 
That accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and follows Him to eternity's day. 
God's faith in you, at that moment, 
Will restructure and build the heart within, filled with the love that God has for you, 
A place now within fit to receive the Holy Spirit the Lord then sends, 
To guide the soul and build from within to without in the Word complete in Him. 
Daily prayer, through the Lord, seeking God's encouragement and guidance, 
In the Word that will only build and reshape life daily 
Until within is as God wants for you. 
Until that moment one reaches God's destination 
And the Lambs Book of Life is opened and placed before you, 
Your name, that day, was forever written within Complete in Him. 
Remember, He only waits until that moment just before life ends 
And deaths eternity begins as written within and certified by His Word. 
Seek Him today and do not be one moment late on your Judgment Day!

 Lord, I pray that none that seeks You is one moment late on their Judgment Day! 
Martin Lee Vance 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Practicing Religion or Christianity?

Practicing Religion or Christianity? 

Today, throughout the World, 
We have a lot of people of faith practicing religion, 
But very few practicing Christianity, 
Which is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles, 
As God through the Word has told us to. 
Why, why does humanity always want to justify having or not having, 
Be it an abortion, gun control, or anything, 
With or without using the Word of God? 
Is it because, we either seek God or want to defy God or both? 
God created, in His image man, and said it was good, 
He did not create sin or the bad you see in the World today! 
He created man as an intelligent being, 
With a free will to make a free choice about judgments to guide his life, 
Through prayer with God, 
By forming opinions with the knowledge of what is "good," for nothing of God is bad. 
The Man, Adam, defied God by disobedience and brought "sin" into the world, 
And Moses asked God for the "Law" to guide man. 
Man takes from the world to control man and to keep all that man wants, 
In a World he slowly corrupts with his wants, 
Built of either denial, unbelief, or confused and distorted beliefs about the Word of God. 
Remember, all that is seen and unseen belongs to God, not to man! 
Man seeks what he wants for self and will make it right 
And justify having or not having under any or all circumstances, 
With or without using the Word of God. 
If you believe not in God's guidance and you have not laws, 
You follow total chaos, total lack of order, mass confusion, 
Nothing guides your life but self and your dislikes and wants, 
As Satan himself. 
What you seek after is what you look for and will find.... 
Have an open mind and seek things that guide, 
And builds within the guidance of Christ and His Love, 
For Christ is the Light that leads, He is the Word, the perfect Good. 

Lord, build in me a Heart of Love for all God's Creation, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Price

The Price
The Price, Christ paid that day for you and me.
O' the total emptiness of loneliness felt upon that Cross,
Suspended there between His Father's Unconditional protective Love 
And His Mother's Endless caring Love. 
O' the total emptiness of loneliness felt that day, 
When God, His Father, turned and looked away. 
Separating all Love for Him from within that day, 
When the sins of all fell upon His sinless Son, the price to pay.
Then the sight of the Light of Love of a Mother's eyes, 
Viewing His shed blood flowing to cleanse and cover the sins of all,
Unable to touch and bring comfort to Him again,
They ask for one more time, 
As the years of memories flash before from the past.
Her voice of loss, 
Echoing the depths of loneliness felt from deep within.
Her hands that held and touched His face, 
And removed the hurts and tears of yesterday. 
Now reach out with the hurting pain
Of a Mother's Endless caring Love,
Unable to hold and mend again
His broken Heart of Forgiveness within,
For She deeply loved and cared for Him.
O' the total emptiness of loneliness felt upon that Cross,
When Christ paid the price that day for you and me.
The Price, by God's Grace,
All sins, Forgiven, and Forgotten, Forever!

Lord, words could never explain the love, The Price, You paid for me that day,
Martin Lee Vance

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Robe

The Robe
The Robe, one perfect seamless woven robe,
His only earthly possession, 
The only thing He ever owned. 
Covered and protected, 
Jesus Christ, the One,
Perfect from within to without,
The most precious, the most perfect stone, 
This world will ever know. 
 He willingly walked that road, 
So long ago wearing that perfect woven robe, 
Bringing the Word of Light, 
As witness to a world of darkness and cold.
The Word, the Man, who wears the perfect seamless woven robe. 
Him they falsely accused, tried, convicted, scourged, and then would crucify. 
No one would defend or one word in His defense did He ever give, 
For He came as the completion of The Word. 
The Lamb who owns and wears the perfect woven robe, 
Walked alone, that lonely road, that day to Calvary, 
He willingly walked that lonely road, 
That dark and lonely day so long ago. 
They removed from His possession the robe, 
On Calvary's Hill, 
Crucified, was The Lamb upon the Cross. 
As He hung upon Calvary's Cross, for all to see, awaiting deaths approach. 
Roman soldiers casting lots for His only earthly possession, 
The robe that covered and protected. 
The Lamb willingly gave His Life as full payment, 
In exchange for all our transgressions, 
Once and for all, for you and me. 
To bring eternal Life to all that answers His call. 
When His Life had been given, 
That day so long ago, 
From the Cross removed, 
Burial prepared and wrapped in white linen, 
In the Tomb He was placed that day. 
Death could not keep in sleep, 
For on the third day, He arose, deaths cold hold to defeat. 
Then He exchanged one earthly robe,
For a Heavenly Robe of Pure Light. 
Now all that believe in Him will inherit, their Heavenly possession, eternal Life. 
The day fast approaches when all who received will walk with Him, 
The Son of God, the Lamb, the One, 
The Word, who owns and wears the Heavenly Robe, 
The Heavenly Robe of Pure Light. 

Lord, Keep me near the Cross and give me the Faith of Caleb, 
Martin Lee Vance 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas, the Birth of the Light of Love

The Birth of the Light of Love. 
As God revealed Christ's Birth to the Magi, 
For His Word concealed, 
And they journeyed to seek and find.
They took gifts of, 
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, 
To honor His Birth. 
By this, the Magi supplied the means for all their needs, 
For Mary, Joseph, and the Son of God and man, 
Jesus, Emmanuel - God with us, 
To Journey to Egypt and back, 
To live until Herod's death, 
For God had planned before the fall of man, 
For it is written within His Holy Word. 
As He supplied the needs and did for Mary and Joseph, 
And the Son of God and man, 
God the Father, will supply all the needs,
In His time by His Timetable, 
Of those by Faith's Belief, on knees of humbleness, 
In prayer of repentance, 
Accept, follow, and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, 
Emmanuel - God with us, Savior, 
The Light of Love, 
For it is written within His Holy Word. 

Lord, Happy Birthday, I love you, 
In Christ, the Light of Love, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Focus On the Future

Focus On the Future

As God told Joshua,
Focus on the future not on the past.
When we focus only on the past,
We fear the unknown in the future.
As He told Joshua to enter the Promised Land,
And in His strength possess the unknown.
To banish all doubts and fears,
And be bold and strong in Him.
He tells us to face our fears of the unknown
Daily in the Lord's strength,
For the Lord will forever be with you to guide you,
And He will never leave or forsake you.
In the strength of His presence,
Knowing then within,
That He will never give up on you.
Banish the doubts and fears,
And be bold and strong in the Lord.
Remember, the promise,
Salvation in and through Christ
To live eternal life complete in Him.
In His strength conquer your fears,
And possess the future in Him.
Daily read and obey everything as written
Within God's Holy Scriptures,
Don't turn to the right or to the left,
Stay the course with God.
Daily seeking the guidance
Of God through the Lord in prayer,
Knowing within then, that by God's Grace,
True success in life,
Comes by following God through Salvation in Jesus Christ,
For the Promised Land
Heaven awaits the believers in Christ, to be one in Him, throughout eternity.
The Acceptance or the Rejection
Of the Salvation of Jesus Christ the Son
By God the Father’s Loving Grace.
Acceptance is life with all future and no past.
Rejection is life with all past and no future.
Focus on the future not on the past.

Lord, the future stands before me, guide my thoughts to lead and teach me,
Martin Lee Vance

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful for Today!

Thankful for Today!

There is a lot to be Thankful for Today,
For all that have accepted Christ,
Through faith's belief in Him, and the repentance of all sins,
Forever Sealed by God's Loving Grace, for and with eternal life in Christ.
Accept all others, for what he or she is, with acceptance as is,
And see them as Christ sees us, and by this bring them to Him.
Remember, we are all different physically and mentally,
For each of us have our own unique flaws and imperfections,
God planned Diversity of Life,
It makes our lives together so very interesting, rewarding, and meaningful.
There is a lot to be Thankful for Today out there in the world,
Start looking for it, for what you seek, you will find.
They that seek and find Christ are capable of change,
They will not break or bend out of shape under the weight of the trials of life,
For the Holy Spirit builds them daily in the Word,
And Christ is their Light that guides them through life.
Remember daily, to appreciate all the different people,
God has sent your way, to build your life in Christ!

Lord, guide me daily and build my life, to be like You,
To encourage and help others,
Martin Lee Vance

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Freedom, Freedom is never Free

Freedom is never Free. 
It is the one thing that protects 
And gives all the right to vote. 
The right to pick the ones who lead. 
Never take that right lightly. 
Seek guidance from the Lord above for the choice is your's to make.
Never let anyone belittle that vote you cast, 
For that vote has been insured by those who died for that right in the past. 
Be it right or wrong in another's point of view, 
Because that vote belongs to you. 
That vote is what makes and keeps all of us Free, 
For without Freedom, that right would no longer be. 
Many have given all to give all that right. 
When we vote, this Nation tells the World, 
We are Free, under God, and we intend to keep it that way. 
World, take a look back into our History today, 
And see all who gave all to keep us Free yesterday. 
Our Flag waves, as a symbol of Freedom, 
To remind all Freedom is never Free. 
This Nation is not perfect and will never be, 
Until the Lord returns to take all believers Home. 
But the ones who gave all, 
Gave all, that you and I would have that right to vote, 
And keep it Free. 
Remember them on Veterans Day and everyday. 

Lord, we pray for those who serve and remember those who served, 
And ask You to bless the families of those who gave all that all would be Free today, 
Martin Lee Vance 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Life's Ultimate Goal

Jesus said,
John 13:34-35

Life's ultimate goal, 
Is to seek perfection within, 
By building the Integrity of Character of Christ, 
From the inside out. 
Daily, becoming more like Christ throughout life, 
By the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, 
Allowing Him to build within 
And guide you with the Word of God. 
While following Jesus Christ, 
Always use God's Word as the filter, 
That allows only the good and removes the bad, 
To build your life complete in Him. 
One should always seek to improve oneself and others, 
To always, endeavor to learn and grow, 
By the guidance of the Holy Spirit within, 
Throughout life and follow, complete in Christ. 
Learning, will be an ongoing process of, and a personal education, 
Preparing, rearranging, and building your life, 
A process that lasts throughout life until one walks with Christ in eternal life. 
Always have life goals, but as soon as one is accomplished, 
Remember, to set your sights on the next goal, 
To improve your life while helping and encouraging others 
To seek and build their life in Jesus Christ. 
The perfection of life, the Integrity of Character of Christ, 
 "A new command I give you: Love one another. 
As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 
By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Lord, keep me by You and build within me You, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ego, Pride of Self

Ego, Pride of Self
When you allow Christ
 To touch and remove ego, 
The pride of self,
From the eyes,
You see again as a child. 
The white of the clouds 
And the blue of the sky,
The joy of creation 
In the path of the wind,
 The flight of a dove 
And the Love of a Friend, 
Jesus within;
Now look above and see as a child 
Touched by Him, 
And given His Love 
To live and be guided 
By Jesus within!

Lord, daily open my heart to build me in God’s word and keep the ego from my eyes,
Martin Lee Vance

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Words are always more than just words, 
They can, on any given day, either create or take away love. 
They will either lift another higher than the Heavenly stars above, 
Or place them low in the depths and the loneliness of hell. 
It is the feelings wrapped within those words the meanings forever tell. 
They can either construct or build within God's giving pure love,
Or take away and replace with Satan's loneliness, 
Built of the fears and worries of his self love. 
Reach out today to touch, change, and encourage another’s way. 
To strengthen and build them in love to follow and live God's way today. 
Words can either build or destroy on any given day. 
They can either make another reach out to Him and stay, 
Or turn and walk forever away living within lonely every day. 
Touch the Face of God today and every day, 
By using words wrapped with feelings that share and build His love that cares. 
They change the heart and build everyday. 
Words are more than just words, 
When used God's way today. 

Lord, you have built me with Your words of Love that share and care, 
Martin Lee Vance

Friday, July 5, 2013

God's Timetable

God's Timetable

What we see is not all there is in Life. 
Our thoughts will never encompass all information. 
Therefore, we must always hope in God, 
Trust His actions, His timetable, and His providence. 
When you suffer, take strength in the Lord, Jesus Christ,
Take encouragement that your life matters to Him. 
Your life counts, because God sees and knows the condition of the heart within you. 
That it has received His Son as the completion of His Word.
Knowing then within He loves you,
That He will never abandon you. 
You are not alone for He will always be with you;
He cares when you hurt, 
He cares when you are lonely,
He cares when you are confused and fearful. 
He is not off in a corner of the Universe paying attention to another matter. 
He is living within your heart, 
Calling to remind you to keep your eyes upon the Lord,
For He will always be your strength in time of need.
God knows that your faith will remain strong in the struggle. 
God promises to set all things straight on that appointed day by His Timetable. 
What a celebration awaits, "Around God's Table of Grace,"
That day we look upon the Savior's Face.

Lord, guide my life that I never lose sight of the fact, "It is God's Timetable." 
Martin Lee Vance

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Here's to Our Heroes

Here's to Our Heroes

America was built on faith and togetherness,
Upon valued relationships,
And oh how God has truly blessed.
For at Her birth the founding fathers built,
A foundation,
Upon God and reinforced it in His Word,
One that would forever last.
Fear was never a part of them then,
For Freedom flowed in their veins, my friend.
In courage they pledged,
To give all until all had been given, even unto death.
Even now, in peace in death's rest,
They know the long line of courage continues,
For Freedom flows in the veins of America's very best.
The ones that hear and answer Her call,
Duty, honor, and country we pledge to protect.
Giving all until all has been given, even unto death's rest.

Lord, thank you for America's very Best,
Martin Lee Vance

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God Made Himself Evident

God Made Himself Evident

God made Himself evident,
Within us, by giving all Free Will.
By this, He created all humanity as moral beings,
Because, without personal freedom,
Without free will, no free choice, without freedom,
There is no such thing as either human moral action
Or moral responsibility.
One also cannot have a meaningful love for life today,
Or Hope for tomorrow,
By Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, to lead the way,
Because, everything would be predetermined,
Therefore, nothing would matter.
When we believe all humans are free, meaningful, significant,
And moral beings,
Because, all of these are incompatible with a chance origin,
Then we will believe that a purposeful God created them that way.
How you view the origin of humanity
Will control how you view the nature of humans.
Our own actions show that at some deep level,
We know a personal God created all humans as moral beings,
By giving all Free Will,
From Adam's creation to the very last human birth,
The moment time will be no more at His command,
God has made Himself evident within us.

Lord , touch my heart and purify my thoughts with Your Light,
Martin Lee Vance

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesus, Name above all Names

Jesus, Name above all Names
"I love and care for you," 
Words echoing from His Heart.
His Light of Love reaching every hidden sin, 
Like it was sent on and by the wind. 
Not one sin was missed by the Touch of Love received from Him. 
All sins upon Him fell, for Love upon the Cross,
That not one soul would be lost. 
As He hung on Calvary's Cross His Shed Blood covered all sins,
To bring all to Him to receive the Message of Love by Him, 
For all who receive, accept, and believe in Him. 
More than just spending eternity's day serving Him,
For He has given in Love the key to change a World lost in sin. 
Words that unlock the doorway of hope to tomorrow's day. 
Words that change the dark of night within His pure light. 
Words that bring comfort to strengthen and remove fears and worries, 
From hearts suffering deep despair. 
Words that build with His Integrity to change every day given by Him. 
Words echoing the Beat of His Heart to create new life within with Him. 
Words of our Lord and King, 
Knowing His last breath was taken to give eternity with Him. 
Words that shine from His Cross to light the way Home, 
And share daily in prayer with Him. 
Words of Love from Him forever in Him. 
Words that mean just what they say, "I belong to Him." 
Words echoing from His Heart, 
"I love and care for you." 
Jesus, Name above all names,
Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Martin Lee Vance

Monday, June 17, 2013

To You From Me

I wrote this for and to my wife, Sharon.

To you from me, 
If God should take Home, 
You or me, 
One before the other. 
Wait patiently knowing there the other will be. 
Knowing the heart of the other, 
Will feel the time between is more than an eternity. 
For neither knows His plans for the other. 
But His love built between each other over the years of life together, 
Knows the other will always be there for the other, 
And between now and then until we see each other again, 
I'll be loving you. 

Martin Lee Vance

Monday, June 10, 2013


It daily prays for the other.
It has a foundation built with and of Integrity.
It has only kind words in its vocabulary.
It seeks to only build.
It touches to reassure and take away fear.
It gives to brighten the day.
It shows the way when the world is against.
It teaches to bind and to grow.
It communicates to draw closer.
It listens to have no misunderstandings.
It shares to strengthen.
It helps for togetherness.
It grows because it's fed with kindness and care.
It knows and values the others feelings.
It understands and protects without question.
It gives mercy without asking.
It is there in joy.
It is there in need.
It comforts when the other hurts.
It gives guidance only when asked.
It will give only Godly guidance.
It guides with the Light of Love.
It never applies worldly standards.
It never condemns.
It is unashamed.
It is unconditional.
It will be there from beginning to end and beyond.
It thanks God daily for that Friend.
We all have the need of a Friend,
Christ, will be there from beginning to end and beyond.
One is truly blessed by God,
If they have one true friend in their lifetime.

I believe Christ had John as His one true friend,
For John was there in His darkest and greatest hour of need at the Foot of the Cross.
There with Him, Unconditional and Unashamed from beginning to end and beyond.
Martin Lee Vance

Saturday, June 8, 2013

God the Trinity

God the Trinity

His Name is Elohim, The God,
YHWH Elohim, The Living God,
Dabar YHWH, The Word of God.

God says, be, and it is!
His voice is but a whisper,
That all who know, hear, follow, and obey,
Not out of fear, but out of love, for God is pure love.
The Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
All three simultaneously exist,
As God the Trinity, a unified one.
All three of the Trinity are one and exist only as one,
For they together, as one, make up the one God in unity, three complete in one.
Each dwells within the other,
And makes God indivisible and unquantifiable.
Meaning wherever one is, all of God is there.
The Trinity is not in the one God, it is the one God.
They are different, positionally,
Having an order, relating to or based upon their being or existence,
In the Godhead.
The Father sent the Son,
The Son sends the Holy Spirit,
The Holy Spirit points back to the Son,
And the Son glorifies the Father.
The titles are descriptive and not their roles or offices,
They are relationship terms,
They do not describe what they are but who they are,
All three simultaneously exist, as a unified one,
God the Trinity.

Lord, in love for You, I seek the truth with and through You, with all my heart, soul, and mind,
Martin Lee Vance

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional from beginning to end and beyond.
When built upon God's foundation of faith and integrity,
Love is more than a feeling or caring.
It has meaning and depth,
With hopes and dreams for a future of tomorrows.
Boundaries without ownership,
Oneness without enslavement,
Closeness without touching,
Openness without loneliness,
Understanding without knowing,
Forgiveness without asking,
Faithfulness in tomorrow's togetherness,
And happiness in a past of remembrances.
It is strengthened with a woven bond of faith
In facing life's problems
And circumstances together.
A love stronger tomorrow than today,
Unconditional from beginning to end and beyond.

Love always takes away the Hurt,
Martin Lee Vance

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where is God in the Time of Tragedy?


God's Love, given for all at Calvary, 
Jesus Christ, for He is the Light that drives out the Darkness, 
From the heart, to love, live, and give in Him, 
His Love Mends the Broken Heart!

Where is God in the Time of Tragedy? 
Through faith's belief in Jesus Christ, 
By repentance of all sins and acceptance to follow Him, 
God is right there within you, 
With you, 
As He was with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, 
There in your heart, 
For by free will He is a part of you. 
Thereby, giving you, by knowing Him, 
Through your strength in Him, 
The resolve to endure and the courage to persevere,
Knowing the Lord’s strength to face and overcome all in life as He in Him knowing you. 
Remember, Love is always given, 
Love woven with kindness, compassion, and affection, 
"It is the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another." 
Memories of the past, they open the heart within to heal and give again, 
For Love given to build, encourage, and help others, 
It heals the heart from the inside out, 
Not only the heart of the receiver, but also the heart of the giver as well, 
With memories of the past 
That opens the heart to view 
God's Love, given for all at Calvary, 
Jesus Christ, for He is the Light that drives out the Darkness, 
From the heart, to love, live, and give in Him, 
His Love Mends the Broken Heart!

Lord, build me in You as I follow in faith’s belief You,
Martin Lee Vance

Friday, April 12, 2013

God's Saving Grace

God's Saving Grace 
As we grow in the Lord and gain knowledge in the Word, 
During our growing years in Him, 
Learning to view the world around us as He views it, 
We perceive with eyes that enjoy and see the beauty and good in all things. 
As we accept and overlook the blemishes, 
Never lose sight of the fact, 
They are a part of all, 
And will draw our attention 
To intensify and enhance the beauty within for all things, 
For we are never to condemn 
We are to bring them to Him, 
And pray that they in faith's belief, repent, receive and follow Him. 
As they grow in the Word, they will separate the good and the blemishes, 
And work to modify and transform the outward to the inward, 
The Lord's Character of Integrity, the Spirit within by God's good, 
God's Saving Grace. 

Lord, guide my thoughts and cleanse my eyes to see as You see, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Saturday, March 30, 2013



The easiest thing in life to do, 
Is for one not to control their emotion of anger for another, 
We all have done it, 
That comes from within, formed from pride of self, 
Related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, 
Wronged or denied and results in a tendency to undo that by retaliation. 
The sin that comes with it, 
Indifference for another, for it is the result of hurt, 
Concealed deep within, built entirely of hate, extreme dislike for another, 
That becomes the heart felt sting, 
Which creates the scars that covers the wounds, 
And in time builds disbelief in God's Word, the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
Formed within when one allows the deceiver to control the soul and instruct the mind, 
Built of his fear, be it fact or fiction, it is an awful thing to live in or with, 
He will make you hear, see, feel, and believe things that are not there, 
He will in time make you mentally unstable and destroy self from within, 
For another's transgression against you or others, 
The payment of unforgivingness for another! 
The Lord, tells us to pray for those who trespass against us 
And forgive their sins as God has forgiven ours, by His Loving Grace. 
The hardest thing in life to do is to forgive, 
Then bury those emotions and feelings forever 
At the Foot of the Cross, forgiven and forgotten! 
Christ paid the price in love for all sins upon the Cross of Calvary, 
That day long ago, to heal and build all believers within Him. 
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Lord, make me like You, cleanse me from the inside out and make me a forgiver and giver, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eternal Life comes through Christ

Eternal Life comes through Christ 

Life Ends! 
Death is a part of life as much as birth is a part of life. 
Jesus gives us insight into the real process of dying, 
How to view death in a healthy way as Jesus died enduring the hardship of the Cross, 
By viewing the seven statements, Jesus made upon the Cross of Calvary that day. 
"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."  Luke 23:34
Express forgiveness, dying with a heart, unburdened with hurt or hate, Holy. 
To the thief on the Cross, "I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise." Luke 23:43 
Extend grace at death's door to those who have wronged you. 
Express love, transmitting that they were and are important to you and always will be! 
To His Mother, "Woman behold your Son.  Behold your mother."  John 19:26-27
Remember family and engage family at death's door, 
For all will face death and eternity, by God's Word,
Prepare all to hear and by their free will believe,
For death is just a moment away. 
"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"  Matthew 27:46
Jesus was as human as all of us are and expressed Human Feelings. 
At death life’s connection, love, to the living is terminated, 
And leaves the void of tomorrow's unbearable emptiness 
To replace with memories of the past wrapped within the Hope in Christ for tomorrow. 
Express fear, I fear, battle fear with Faith, knowing the Word of God, 
And the promise God will never leave or forsake you.
"I am thirsty,"  John 19:28, 
Jesus exhibited His humanity and expressed His feelings.
"Father, I entrust my Spirit into Your hands." Luke 23:46
He leaves bodily, knowing you and I are stable and complete in Him,
By God's loving Grace.  
"It is finished." John 19:30
Jesus says, God's Word is complete,
And it will be okay, endure My closure here with you, 
For all in the Family of God will meet again at God's Table of Grace.

Lord, give me the strength to bear my Cross and face death in You,
Martin Lee Vance

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



"The love of money is the root of all evil." 1 Timothy 6:10 
Your ability to earn money is a gift to you from God by His loving Grace. 
Your ability to enjoy money is a gift to you from God by His loving Grace. 
Christ paid the price in love by God's loving Grace for you and me, 
That day so long ago, 
Upon the Cross high above all on Mount Calvary, 
So all would see His love given for you and me, 
As His blood flowed to cover all sins forgiven, and forgotten forever, 
That day, when on knees of humbleness before Christ 
And acceptance in faith's belief and complete repentance of all sins, 
Received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, 
Sealed forever by God's integrity by His Loving Grace in Christ, 
Eternity with Him in Heaven and there to look upon His Face at God's Table of Grace. 
Money has various effects on all God's Children and their health and well-being, 
Be it either physically or mentally. 
You can either share or hoard money. 
"For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also." Matthew 6:21 
By sharing, it forever builds the character within in truth and integrity, 
And opens the heart to share in love to give to the needs of others, 
And grows within, for love returns to give again and build complete in Him, 
When used to help, build, and encourage others. 
By hoarding, self sees no need to build or change the character within, 
For the heart is closed by pride, in love of self, 
And is void of truth and integrity to change within one thing. 
Therefore, self sees no need to help, build, or encourage others, 
For the heart and character within is wrapped within and values, 
The more you have the more you want, 
The more you have the more you spend, 
The more you have the more you worry, 
The more you have the more you lose, 
The more you have the more you leave. 
When you give away what you receive from God as a gift to you in love, 
The Holy Spirit within will build your character in Truth and Integrity, 
To become more like, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior in love, 
And release you from the bondage of pride to encourage and build complete in Christ.
The more like Christ you become, 
The more love you give the more you receive in return to give to others. 

Lord, make my heart as one with You and build me to see all as one in You, 
Martin Lee Vance 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What do you think? 

The Reason for the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
And His death upon the Cross of Calvary. 

May God bless you everyday 
As you complete your journey of Life with the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
Take the time to review and renew your Faith in the Lord daily,
Start and End everyday of Life in prayer with God and His Holy Word. 
All have and will stumble from time to time in life. 
By the Faith from within and prayer daily, God will keep the path of life straight, 
Build daily within with God's Word, 
Salvation is by His Grace, then you are sealed forever by His Integrity. 
Remember, the Ones that have gone on before, 
That have paid the ultimate price of their life, 
To bring God's Word to the Lost of the World. 
By their faith in Jesus Christ the hope for tomorrow, 
That long line of Faith continues on today, because of their courage from within in Him. 
Never forget the reason for the Christmas Season and the purpose of the Lord's Birth, 
- Salvation - 
By way of the Lord Jesus Christ, 
The Lord paid the price, of all sins for all, upon the Cross of Calvary. 
That all may follow forgiven, forever free within Him, 
For all that believe and receive Him, eternal life will be with Him. 
Review and renew your faith in the Lord daily, 
Build with God's Integrity from within to without. 

The Virgin Birth of Christ 

The Curse of Jehoiakim, the problem, and God’s solution.
An unusual curse in Jeremiah 36:1-32 gives insight into the virgin birth of Jesus. 

The Curse:
Jehoiakim was a king of Judah, 
He angered God by burning a scroll that Jeremiah the prophet wrote,
God cursed Jehoiakim by indicating 
that none of his children would sit on the throne of David (Jeremiah 36:29-31). 
Although Jehoiakim had children, 
scripture shows that none of them ever reigned as King David had! 

The Problem:
Joseph, the father of Jesus, was one of Jehoiakim's descendants (through Jeconiah). 
Joseph's offspring could not claim David's throne because of the curse. 
Jesus laid claim to the throne of David (Luke 1:32, Acts 2:30, Hebrews 12:2). 
If Jesus had been born of Joseph, the curse would have been contradicted. 
Also, God had promised David that one of his physical descendants
 would reign on the throne of his kingdom forever (2 Samuel 7:12-13). 

As explained above, Joseph was excluded from being the genetic father of the future king of Israel. 
It was impossible to fulfill the requirements of both curse and promise by natural means. 
One man had to be both heir to and offspring of David, without being the genetic descendant of Jehoiakim. 
This problem required a divine solution. 
The Solution:
God created a solution through the miracle of the virgin birth. 
Although Joseph was one of Jehoiakim's offspring through Solomon, 
Mary was not, She was a descendant of Nathan, one of David's other sons (Luke 3:31). 
God's promise to David was fulfilled, because Mary was the biological parent of Jesus.
The virgin birth also addressed the curse God had pronounced upon Jehoiakim.
 Kingship was an inherited right, 
By Joseph, Jesus inherited a legal claim to the throne of David, 
However, he was exempt from the curse of Jehoiakim, because Joseph was not his genetic father.
So the miracle of the virgin birth accomplished God's will in two ways, 
First, it granted Jesus a legal claim to the throne of David,
And second, it maintained the integrity of the curse God had pronounced upon Jehoiakim. 
Indeed, Jesus was not one of Jehoiakim's offspring. 

"Three days after being crucified and buried, Jesus was missing from his burial tomb." 
From Josh McDowell's book "More than a Carpenter." 

Some say Jesus' disciples stole his body and concocted a story that he rose from the dead. 
If that's true, why would they die for something they knew was a lie? Would you? 
And theirs wasn't a mass suicide, where they bonded together in some delusional facade. 
Each of them left family and jobs, traveling to distant countries,  
preaching that Jesus died and came back to life. 
If the disciples were making it all up, 
each of them chose to die prematurely for something they knew wasn't true. 
Doesn't make sense. 
What does make sense are the historical facts. 
Even while being tortured, the disciples insisted that they, 
as well as hundreds of other Jews, had seen Jesus alive. 
When some were arrested and ordered not to speak about Jesus' resurrection, 
they responded, "We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard!" 
They knew Jesus had been beaten, whipped, nailed to a cross, where he died in public display. 
A spear was thrust into his side to confirm his death. 
Roman soldiers were stationed at Jesus' tomb, 
because Jesus had stated that three days after being crucified, he would rise from the dead. 
On that third day, the guards fled, the two-ton boulder sealing the tomb's entrance was up a slope, 
and Jesus' body was gone. 
Inside the tomb, Peter and John saw the burial cloths still lying there, empty. 
After that, the disciples saw Jesus physically alive multiple times. 
They even had lengthy conversations with him and ate with him--all after his death by crucifixion. 
These disciples went to their deaths proclaiming what they had no doubts about--that Jesus had risen from the dead,  proving that he was everything he claimed to be...the Son of God. 

Jesus Christ, Crucified upon the Cross of Calvary 
The Twelve Apostles: 
1. Andrew - Crucified 
2. Bartholomew - Beaten then Crucified 
3. James, son of Alphaeus - Stoned to death 
4. James, son of Zebedee - Beheaded 
5. John - Exiled for his faith; died of old age 
6. Judas (not Iscariot) - Stoned to death 
7. Matthew - Speared to death 
8. Peter - Crucified 
9. Philip - Crucified 
10. Simon - Crucified 
11. Thomas - Speared to death 
12. Matthias - Stoned to death 
(Source:Fox's Book of Martyrs) 

Since the last Apostles death, thousands have given their lives, 
To carry on the long line of Faith in Jesus Christ to bring the Word of Salvation to the World. 
Thousands will continue on,  just like those who have gone on before, 
Until eternity's day begins with the Lord at God's Table of Grace, 
For Jesus Christ was the Completion of the Word of God. 

What do you think? 

Lord, I pray that whosoever reads believes to follow You,
Martin Lee Vance