Monday, December 23, 2013

Focus On the Future

Focus On the Future

As God told Joshua,
Focus on the future not on the past.
When we focus only on the past,
We fear the unknown in the future.
As He told Joshua to enter the Promised Land,
And in His strength possess the unknown.
To banish all doubts and fears,
And be bold and strong in Him.
He tells us to face our fears of the unknown
Daily in the Lord's strength,
For the Lord will forever be with you to guide you,
And He will never leave or forsake you.
In the strength of His presence,
Knowing then within,
That He will never give up on you.
Banish the doubts and fears,
And be bold and strong in the Lord.
Remember, the promise,
Salvation in and through Christ
To live eternal life complete in Him.
In His strength conquer your fears,
And possess the future in Him.
Daily read and obey everything as written
Within God's Holy Scriptures,
Don't turn to the right or to the left,
Stay the course with God.
Daily seeking the guidance
Of God through the Lord in prayer,
Knowing within then, that by God's Grace,
True success in life,
Comes by following God through Salvation in Jesus Christ,
For the Promised Land
Heaven awaits the believers in Christ, to be one in Him, throughout eternity.
The Acceptance or the Rejection
Of the Salvation of Jesus Christ the Son
By God the Father’s Loving Grace.
Acceptance is life with all future and no past.
Rejection is life with all past and no future.
Focus on the future not on the past.

Lord, the future stands before me, guide my thoughts to lead and teach me,
Martin Lee Vance

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