Friday, February 14, 2014

The Robe

The Robe
The Robe, one perfect seamless woven robe,
His only earthly possession, 
The only thing He ever owned. 
Covered and protected, 
Jesus Christ, the One,
Perfect from within to without,
The most precious, the most perfect stone, 
This world will ever know. 
 He willingly walked that road, 
So long ago wearing that perfect woven robe, 
Bringing the Word of Light, 
As witness to a world of darkness and cold.
The Word, the Man, who wears the perfect seamless woven robe. 
Him they falsely accused, tried, convicted, scourged, and then would crucify. 
No one would defend or one word in His defense did He ever give, 
For He came as the completion of The Word. 
The Lamb who owns and wears the perfect woven robe, 
Walked alone, that lonely road, that day to Calvary, 
He willingly walked that lonely road, 
That dark and lonely day so long ago. 
They removed from His possession the robe, 
On Calvary's Hill, 
Crucified, was The Lamb upon the Cross. 
As He hung upon Calvary's Cross, for all to see, awaiting deaths approach. 
Roman soldiers casting lots for His only earthly possession, 
The robe that covered and protected. 
The Lamb willingly gave His Life as full payment, 
In exchange for all our transgressions, 
Once and for all, for you and me. 
To bring eternal Life to all that answers His call. 
When His Life had been given, 
That day so long ago, 
From the Cross removed, 
Burial prepared and wrapped in white linen, 
In the Tomb He was placed that day. 
Death could not keep in sleep, 
For on the third day, He arose, deaths cold hold to defeat. 
Then He exchanged one earthly robe,
For a Heavenly Robe of Pure Light. 
Now all that believe in Him will inherit, their Heavenly possession, eternal Life. 
The day fast approaches when all who received will walk with Him, 
The Son of God, the Lamb, the One, 
The Word, who owns and wears the Heavenly Robe, 
The Heavenly Robe of Pure Light. 

Lord, Keep me near the Cross and give me the Faith of Caleb, 
Martin Lee Vance 


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