Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Practicing Religion or Christianity?

Practicing Religion or Christianity? 

Today, throughout the World, 
We have a lot of people of faith practicing religion, 
But very few practicing Christianity, 
Which is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles, 
As God through the Word has told us to. 
Why, why does humanity always want to justify having or not having, 
Be it an abortion, gun control, or anything, 
With or without using the Word of God? 
Is it because, we either seek God or want to defy God or both? 
God created, in His image man, and said it was good, 
He did not create sin or the bad you see in the World today! 
He created man as an intelligent being, 
With a free will to make a free choice about judgments to guide his life, 
Through prayer with God, 
By forming opinions with the knowledge of what is "good," for nothing of God is bad. 
The Man, Adam, defied God by disobedience and brought "sin" into the world, 
And Moses asked God for the "Law" to guide man. 
Man takes from the world to control man and to keep all that man wants, 
In a World he slowly corrupts with his wants, 
Built of either denial, unbelief, or confused and distorted beliefs about the Word of God. 
Remember, all that is seen and unseen belongs to God, not to man! 
Man seeks what he wants for self and will make it right 
And justify having or not having under any or all circumstances, 
With or without using the Word of God. 
If you believe not in God's guidance and you have not laws, 
You follow total chaos, total lack of order, mass confusion, 
Nothing guides your life but self and your dislikes and wants, 
As Satan himself. 
What you seek after is what you look for and will find.... 
Have an open mind and seek things that guide, 
And builds within the guidance of Christ and His Love, 
For Christ is the Light that leads, He is the Word, the perfect Good. 

Lord, build in me a Heart of Love for all God's Creation, 
Martin Lee Vance 

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