Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today, what is Valuable in Your Life?

Today, what is Valuable in Your Life? 

Is it what God values or what the World values? 
Remember, God knows the hearts of all! 
Life's true self, lives within all of us and directs the soul within, 
For all life, is shaped and formed, for the good or the bad, 
By who or what one chooses to believe and follow as truth in life, 
For it guides the soul within and shapes one's life to the end. 
Know by this, over time, be it right or wrong,
That all will communicate their beliefs to others, 
By and through their words, actions, and deeds! 
If one places a nothing value on life, your's or another's, 
In thought or deed built of dislike, either indifference or hate, 
Then everything is worthless, 
Nothing God has ever created has value to guide your Life!
Because, when everything is worthless, there is no purpose to Life! 
God's purpose for our life, is for all to be as one in Christ, 
To Repent of all sins and cleanse the heart within, 
Then commune daily through Christ in prayer with Him. 
As Christ, encourage, help, and share one another's load in life, 
Thereby, building each other in the Love of Christ, the Word, 
By facing and sharing the hardships of life together, 
Until that day, from our place at God's Table of Grace, we look upon the Savior's Face. 
By thought, before the beginning of time, and Adam's creation, 
God planned and created everything for Adam's Race, 
To take care of all humanity, not one life will He miss, 
For God planned for all, including the very last Birth of Adam's Race. 
Then beyond time's ending, when time will be no more, 
Eternity as one in Christ, for all belongs to God, even you and me!
What is it that is of great worth, 
That which is valuable and highly cherished, dear, or very important to you?
 Is it the price one has paid or is now paying in time and effort 
To attain great material or monetary value, worldly possessions, 
That makes one self sufficient or important amongst their peers and the world, 
For if one allows, know this, it will turn into greed and pride of self, 
On the other hand, is it seeing God's purpose for all life, His planned purpose for our life? 
Whatever it is, balance your life, do not leave God out, 
Allow Him to build you in the Word as one in Christ. 
All in His sight are equally valuable when seen covered by the Blood of Christ,
For their names, are forever, in the Lambs Book of Life. 
God accepts them and values, 
More valuable than all the Worlds wealth and all creation itself, 
That was, that is, or that will ever be!
Having worth, merit, and unlimited importance; within the Heart of God, 
Salvation by His Loving Grace in Christ, 
Love's acceptance as is!
At the very moment by Faith's Belief, one believes and accepts His Son, Jesus Christ, 
As their Lord and Savior, 
In addition, now the Holy Spirit lives within to teach daily of Him through God's Word. 
To walk with and stand complete before God as One in Him, 
Forever forgiven, "As valuable and loved as His Son, Jesus Christ, is to Him." 
For Christ gave Himself to pay the price for all humanities sins, 
Christ, our Atonement for all are sins, God’s Loving Grace missed not one sin, 
There upon the Cross of Calvary, all forgotten-forever, the price Christ paid! 
Remember, God knows what lives within the hearts of all, 
It is not for you or me to judge, if one believes or does not believe, 
By their words, actions, or deeds, God will judge on Judgment Day! 
We are to pray for them to receive and believe in Christ His Son, 
In addition, by our actions and deeds before all open The Word to them. 
If one places a nothing value on life, your's or another's, 
In thought or deed built of dislike, either indifference or hate, 
Then everything is worthless, 
Nothing God has ever created has value to guide your Life!
Because, when everything is worthless, 
There is no purpose to Life! If one lives in unbelief without Christ, 
Life has an End; the choice is yours, my friend! 
Daily remember, God is the one who moves through prayer, 
When praying, pray earnestly with a cleansed heart, 
With a soul guided by the Holy Spirit, that follows in faith and walks in belief as one, 
Complete in and with Christ before God, 
A Prayer consecrated by Gods’ Word to be blessed by Him in His Time and Way. 

Lord, daily I pray, my sins I place before God, 
That I not miss one and repent of all of them, 
Martin Lee Vance 

One Hundred sins, to repent of, to God Confess 

1. Lying  2. Stealing 3. Gossip  4. Lewd Thoughts  5. Profanity 
6. Hatred 7. Anger 8. Wrath 9. Railing 10. Shameful Speaking 
11. Passion 12. Covetousness 13. Sexual Immorality 14. Idolatry 15. Witchcraft 
16. Jealousy 17. Selfish Ambition 18. Fits of Rage 19. Dissension 20. Malice 
21. Slander 22. Harshness 23. Idleness 24. Wrong for Wrong 25. Grieving the Spirit 
26. Quenching the Spirit  27. Pride in what is Seen  28. Grumbling 29. Faultfinders 
30. Flattering 31. Scoffing 32. Pride of Possessions 33. Despise Authority 
34. Lording it over Others 35. Haughty Eyes 
36. Insult for Insult 37. Immodesty 38. Retaliation 39. Threatening 40. Homo-Sexuality 
41. Disobeying Parents 42. Judgment of Others 43. Dishonor Parents 44. Evil Suspicions 
45. Impatience  46. Lose Heart  47. Callousness 48. Unforgiving 49. Perverseness 
50. Meanness  51. Factions 52. Envy 53. Drunkenness 54. Orgies 55. Hardening of Heart 
56. Continual Lust 57. Deceit 58. Bitterness 59. Greed 60. Foolish Talk 
61. Coarse Joking  62. Empty Words 63. Their god is their Stomach 
64. Their glory is their Shame 65. Hollow Philosophy 
66. Tradition for Truth 67. False Humility 68. Worship of angels 
69. Carnality 70. Rudeness 71. Easily angered 72. Keeping a record of wrongs 
73. Failing to discern the body  74. Luke warmness 75. Stinginess 
76. Loving to have preeminence 77. Shepherds who feed only themselves 
78. Stumbling Block  79. Disrespect  80. Fearfulness 
81. Disbelief 82. Praying to be seen 83. Prayerlessness 84. Keeping Jesus outside 
85. Fornication  86. Uncleanness 87. Forgetting our cleansing 
88. Denying our Lord  89. Seeking justification by the law  
90. Arrogant  91. Faithless 92. Seared conscience 93. Loss of first love
 94. Love of Money  95. Unkindness 96. Divorce 97. Filthiness 
98. Unmerciful  99. Unyieldingness  100. Always Right 

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