Thursday, December 18, 2014

Abortion - Who or Whom are the Heartless?

Who or whom are the Heartless?
God has given to every human, free will, the right of freedom of choice. 
He has created all different physically and mentally, 
But has given all free will, the right of choice. 
God said He knew us before our mother's womb. 
As Americans, we have the right of certain freedoms as written in
 And protected by various laws and the Constitution. 
With protection given to all by Federal, State, and Local,
 Law Enforcement and Judicial Courts. 
To protect or render justice for the changing
 Or the taking of those freedoms of choice of life or property. 
Many find mental and physical relief and happiness
 In many different forms of freedom of choice. 
No one has the right to allow the form of freedom of choice, 
They choose to consume, inhale, or take part in, 
To change another mentally or physically. 
That it takes away or changes their God given right of freedom of choice. 
Especially the unborn! 
The Gift of Life from God to carry on Freedom of Choice given by Him. 
Who or whom are the Heartless? 

Lord, change our hearts, 
Martin Lee Vance 
June 27, 2006

"Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless."
Quote from Strength to Love, Martin Luther King, JR, 1963. 

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