Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grace and Truth

Grace and Truth

By God’s Grace and Truth, I in Christ! 
It is not what I say I am, 
That makes others want that which lives in me, 
To guide and build their lives as mine, 
But what they see that lives in me, 
By my actions, words, and deeds that come forth from me, 
That brings them, by their repentance of sin, to live as One in Christ, 
Sealed forever for Him by God's loving Grace. 
Hate the sin but love the sinner. 
If Christians model Christlike behavior, 
Their lives will reflect both grace and truth. 
Christ is full of grace and truth, John 1:14, 
And we should be as He for we follow Him, 
For Grace is the cornerstone of Salvation, 
And Truth the Word of God that guides and builds all life in Christ. 
If truth is conveyed without grace, it leads to self-righteousness, 
And makes one appear negatively harsh and condescending, 
But, on the other hand, grace without truth breeds deception and moral compromise, 
And makes one appear worthless and shallow, 
As you, allow them to remain in their sins, for fear of offending. 
Both extremes are ineffectual 
And will build neither you nor them in Grace and Truth as Christ. 
Build and balance your life in Christ within God's Love for us, 
And become one in Him. 

Lord, build, guide, and teach me as I follow You, 
Martin Lee Vance 

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